Who am I?

I got into serious embroidery when studying art history in college, as a result of a growing interest in historical and ecclesiastical embroidery. I began reading a lot, collecting books and pieces of old embroidery, taking pictures and looking at pieces up close. I tried different techniques, until I figured out the one question that always nagged me when I saw a beautiful piece of embroidery: “How did they do that?” I couldn’t rest until I knew.

Back then (mid-1990’s and pre-internet), it was practically impossible to find supplies! In the US, surface embroidery was not nearly as popular as it is now.

When I finished my BA, I began teaching high school English. Eventually, I picked up my post graduate studies again. Once I finished post grad work, I became a college professor, teaching teachers how to teach.

After 18 years in the academic world, five of which were simultaneously spent building Project Thinking Cap, it became clear that I could not give 100% to my professional career and to Project Thinking Cap.

I took the plunge, stepped out of the academic world, and devoted myself full time to Project Thinking Cap

Why couldn’t I give up Project Thinking Cap?

Because I believe the world needs beauty, and embroidery is one of the most beautiful visual arts. To teach others to embroider, to inspire them to try new things with Project Thinking Cap – to me, these are worthwhile goals. I love teaching, and Project Thinking Cap is my opportunity to teach a wider audience something that I’m really passionate about – the art of hand embroidery.

Thanks for joining me on my embroidery adventures!