Did you get a hat from us at the March for Science in DC? Did you make a hat and wear it to March for Science in any place? We would LOVE to see it! Send us photos at: ProjectThinkingCap@gmail.com

If you post a picture on social media try to tag it #ProjectThinkingCap 

We were inspired by the Pussy Hat Project, and thought those of us who support science and scientists could use a symbol at the March for Science. To create a cohesive style we are requesting users to make hats using a color scheme of BLUE and GREEN.  

The time for the DC March for Science has come!

Join Us on April 22nd, to help pass out hats, or simply pick up a hat! We will be at Jefferson Drive and 14th St. Starting at 9am on the 22nd! This is location is about 2 blocks from the rally and 2 blocks from the Smithsonian Metro station. 

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for any last minute changes! 


Send last minute hats to: 

Project Thinking Cap
c/o C. Lantz
P.O. Box 25791
Alexandria, VA 22313


Help us spread the word about Project Thinking Cap by handing out these fliers at your local yarn and craft supply shop! 

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We welcome community contributed designs! For any pattern you share with us, we will add links and attribution. To submit a pattern, or to contact us anyway, check out 'Get Involved.'