Tips to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

You are certainly not alone if you have ever thought of how to get your manicure to stay longer. A manicure will help you feel good regarding yourself while also giving you a nice look. Many women, though, struggle to preserve the elegance that a good manicure provides. Seeing polish peel off nails can be almost upsetting for certain people. Thankfully, there are several easy ways to extend the life of a manicure. Every woman knows how this feel: you’ve just had a fresh manicure, and then something terrible happens, ruining your perfectly polished nails. A variety of causes can cause nail paint or chipping. We’ve compiled a series of tips and techniques to make your manicure last longer:

Tips to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Following are tips to keep your nail polish from chipping and making them last longer:

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Clean All Oils Before Painting Nails

Should you moisturize your nails before painting them? Yeah, sure, but even if you do not have a polish removing product, it’s still necessary to clean your nails. Any oil left Oils remaining on the nail can prevent nail paint from sticking to it.

Shape Nails Properly

It is critical to have your nails in good shape before a manicure. The shaping process is what increases the power of the nails. It is preferable to have the corners in square shape and tips round.

Polish Nails Perfectly

Do you like to avoid ruining those perfectly manicured nails? Learn how to polish your nail perfectly.  Note that shaking the bottles causes air bubbles which may not result in a flawless end. Since the ends of the nails are much more vulnerable to chipping, put an extra coating on the upper half of the nails to strengthen the coating and then add another layer on the whole nail for a glossy appearance.

Drying method

When you’ve mastered your nail painting skill, wait a bit before applying a generous quantity of oil to every nail to guarantee your polish lasts longer. This keeps the nail polish from getting messy and keeps the nails healthy.